One hour soak and sauna

Some things I’ve been up to:

Published a thing (story?) in the new > kill author. Rachel Springer, Diana Salier, and Kira Clark did too. My thing is called “The word you picked for me“.

Wrote up a thing on Fortunato Salazar’s piece in the new > kill author. It is a blog post.

Published a poem in The Oregonian. It is called “The Inaccurate Echo“.

Wrote a piece for Airplane Reading called “The kind of fun I hate”. Airplane Reading is an ongoing collection of air travel stories.

Published a poem at HOUSEFIRE. It’s called “THE SOFT FACE OF A RABBIT“.

Published some collaborations with Joseph Mains at Anomalous Press. They’re from a lil’ thing called Jorge: Sangre del Mar. Also, recorded a really trippy reading of them with Rachel Springer and Jon Brownhill.

Participated in Readings of Writings by Other People, organized by budding visionary Jason King.

Had a scene in a rap video by Portland emcee Theory Hazit:

Had a lot of facetime in a video by Wolf in the Dreamcatcher:

Won the 2012 Fence Modern Poets Series book prize (!). There’s going to be a book called Eyelid Lick in the fall that I totally recommend you buy…


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