disait la tortue au tatou,

This week I am obsessed with French tongue twisters. This one is my favorite:

Un ange qui songeait à changer de visage se trouva soudain si changé que jamais plus ange ne songea à se change.

An angel who dreamed of changing its face suddenly found itself so changed that never again did an angel dream of changing itself.

My goal is to acquire a library of sayings, so I can trot my tongue out on them. Tongue to list, to unbrushed forest, icecap.

I’ve been practicing daily, consulting youtube when I need help swimming the murkier vowel-waters. Here, this one sounds like skiing!

Un chasseur sachant chasser sait chasser sans son chien de chasse.

A hunter who knows how to hunt knows how to hunt without his hunting dog.

With all this talk of hunting, I got hungry. What would be the best poem to recite while jumping on a trampoline? To shout over the edge of the cliff?

Let’s Ask Donald Dunbar!

R: Trampoline?

D: Something by Rumi

R: Over cliff?

D: Galway Kinnell?

R: Mouthing off to tropical fish?

D: Fuck the Astronauts by James Tate

R: Petting a cat, while upside down?

D: A Shakespeare sonnet (deliberately mispronouncing most of the words)

R: To wake up from a bad dream?

D: The Snowman by Wallace Stevens

R: Waiting for the last leaf to fall?

D: The Wasteland

R: Before a 6 day vow of silence.

D: John Ashbery’s Flow Chart

R: When you’re bored and thirsty:

D: The A section from Christian Bok’s Eunoia.

R: When you want to kill a tourist:

D: My Cat Geoffrey, by Christopher Smart.

R: Tell me when you want it to stop.

D: Sharon Olds, Satan Says.

R: Ok, I’m going to publish.

D: Anything by Joshua Marie Wilkinson.


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