excerpt from Backgammon for Blood by Bruce Becker

...want to touch it?

I once met someone who was an anthropologist or an archaeologist, or something. He knew all about backgammon: its origins, its history. But I found him insufferably dull; he couldn’t play.

Ur of the Chaldees, a name so poetically bizarre I will remember it forever, is where the earliest backgammon board has been found. It is no longer called Ur of the Chaldees; it is now part of what is called Iraq. And the board, which is no longer in Iraq but in the British Museum, has been dated by those who know at about 3,000 B.C. This impresses me; next to sex it is the oldest game in our civilization.

and what people are saying about Backgammon for Blood:

It is a terrible book that was spewed out during the backgammon craze of the early 1970’s. Its catchy title fooled me into buying it, reading it, and trying out some of its principals. Unfortunately, for me, it made my backgammon play worse at the time. It tricked me into being gammoned and backgammoned more often.—Michael Fuhrmann.

I was playing tournament backgammon at the time of publication of Backgammon for Blood. It was never considered to be anything but a joke.—Donald Kahn.



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