All balls don’t bounce

2.) Q: Is this a real product?
A: Yes they are real products. They are the natural solutions for natural problems.

3.) Q: What does it smell like?
A: Fresh Balls has a very slight Fresh scent and Fresh Breast does not have a scent so it will not interfere with other perfumes or deodorants you wear.

4.) Q: What does it taste like?
A: Both products do not have a taste.

Other things with “a very slight Fresh scent”:

  1. A slightly Fresh cabbage
  2. A slightly Fresh carrot
  3. A slightly Fresh cob of corn
  4. A slightly Fresh cucumber
  5. A slightly Fresh bunch of arugula
  6. A slightly Fresh bunch of spinach
  7. A slightly Fresh head of iceberg lettuce
  8. A slightly Fresh zucchini

What separates my list of slightly Fresh-scented things is that mine contain the letter c whereas “Fresh Balls” and “Fresh Breasts” do not contain the letter c.

7.) Q: Is it edible?
A: The products are for external use only.

8.) Q: How do I apply it?
A: Apply with your hands to desired area and then wash hands.

9.) Q: How often can I use the products?
A: You can use the products any time you feel the need, no limitations.

It’s worth noting that nowhere on the WEBSITE FOR “FRESH BALLS” AND “FRESH BREASTS” does it say anything about consent.





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