Oh Hi Mark

This wintry veggie rested in secretive hugeness all week on our kitchen counter until last night’s late impromptu grilling session:

1) butternut squash, + 2) buttered, brushed with brown sugar, +3) roasted in oven + 4) basted with pomegranate-seed balsamic reduction + 5) browned until blissfully soft & bubbling with juices

= best recipe of the month! definitely internet boast-worthy.

(what is it about this season that gets me so alliterative?)

After our feast, D and I watched “The Room,” a bizarre film penned, produced, and paid for by its lead actor, Tommy Wiseau:

Truly, it is one of the natural wonders of the cinematic world. Although he watched about half of it with us, Joel B. still refuses to believe this movie exists. A must see for any connoisseur of the disturbed and/or badly weird.


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