Q: Credit where credit is due? A: Credit cards…

Alt text for the image about children getting horrified

(click for larger image, to see faces, etc.)

Yesterday, we saw three poets read at Open Space Cafe in SE Portland (David Wolach, BT Shaw, Rachel Zolf). Great job, Tangent!

Yesterday, we drank a Cherry Soda from Hot Lips and ate a ultra-Veggie pizza w/pancetta from Hammy’s. Bad job, Hot Lips! Good job (esp. for late-night pizza), Hammy’s!

Yesterday I watched the graduation ceremony for Oregon Culinary Institute. Great job, graduates! Bad job, bartender at Jake’s Grill!

Yesterday we watched much of Sherlock Holmes. R. got antsy and went to look at the internet. I fell asleep on the couch. Seriously, terrible job, Guy Ritchie!



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